Action Figures Therapy: very simple, super short, totally silly

This one is not new as it started in 2012, but it is a reference you must know. It’s called Action Figures Therapy and this title explains almost everything of the series synopsis: “action figures talking about their problems and sexual exploits”. In term of production, this is quite the level zero of what you can do with almost nothing but ideas and talent. Moving action figures and pieces of cartoon with voices over, that’s all you get on screen, but still it is very funny and becomes hilarious once you’ve binge a few episodes. If you like the first ones, you will soon love the show as it evolves to inside jokes, running gags and references to previous episodes. It’s as short (2-3mn max) as politically incorrect and an other cool addition to the list of adult cartoons. Here’s a trail

The web is a bottomless well of entertainment. All episodes of Action Figures Therapy are here.


  1. @Eric : what about Shelf Life ? Pretty good one also. I think it has been reviewed here already. Number one of this type in my list 🙂

  2. We saw a lot of this type of productions already. animated toys, moving figurines, lego, playmobil… And I agree this one is one of the bests.

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