Aloha Undertakers: six feet under the beach

At first I noticed this web series because it is coming from Hawaii and so far I think I never received any show from this Pacific archipelago. So I clicked on the link without even reading the synopsis and I was immediately seduced by the comedic tone and crazy characters. And it is Hawaiian indeed, with the palm trees, the beach and almost as many dead bodies as in “Hawaii Five-O”. Cool no? It’s called Aloha Undertakers. check out the trailer:

These misfit exotic undertakers sunny adventures are written by Kiran Chitanvis and Gilani Sumida-Moiseff (who is also the director), the cast includes professional actress Linda Castro (from Veronica Mars). The only bad thing about this show is that there are only four episodes. But still I recommend you watch them as they are really enjoyable. And all these four episodes can be found here.

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