Arkansas Traveler: a destiny at the barrel of a gun

Who doesn’t like a good old western? You? Then come back tomorrow cause today my suggestion is Arkansas Traveler and already this title flies us through space and time, in the West and in the past. It’s a western indeed and the kind I personally like: a dark and realistic tale of human being caught in the turmoil of History where bullets hurt and whisky burns. The short episodes (3 to 5 minutes) are like snippets of a tragedy. There seems to be no trailer, so here’s the first episode :

Fans from the TV show Deadwood will enjoy meeting again actors Garret Dillahunt and Sean Bridgers (who is also the writer and co-director of the show). The production design is very nice and knows how to spend little money on a simple – yet very efficient – script and maintain good tension. There are six episodes online and really worth a watch.

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