Barbariana Queen of the Savages: for those who don’t fear “too much”

Abandon hope. For now you enter a time a thousand thousand years before the dawn of ancient history”. So begins Barbariana Queen of the Savages, a wacky fantasy peplum parody created and directed by Darren Herczeg in 2009. It has everything you should expect: plenty of idiotic costumes, bad girls, insipid and unrecognisable locations, sexy girls, long mighty dialogues, leather, muscles, hairs, sex, moustache and the stupidest script. A real delight! If you are a fan of the genre or a true comedy lover you will enjoy all five episodes (about an hour) and if you are aware you will recognize the actor Josh Cooke (Better With You, Dexter…). You may also hate it from the very first scene as this web series requires a certain amount of endurance. Me? I loved it! Here’s a trailer.

To watch all episodes, start with the first one and then find the next one in the side menu (it’s a mess and I hope Neatflix will soon add a proper playlist for it).

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