Bruce : a must see Australian comedy

Australia rules the web! Almost. Australia is becoming one of the major countries on the digital and mobile entertainment scene. Well funded, well written and well produced, more and more Australian web series make the buzz and get international recognition and audience. One has to admit that they are often really impressive with very high production values like The Wizards of Aus, Airlock or Low Life. Bruce is one of these jaw-dropping productions that look like a movie. This black comedy – produced by the same team who brought us the hilarious mockumentary “How to Talk Australian” – is set in 1788 and tells the bumpy destiny of Bruce Williamson, an Englishman who had the not so brilliant idea of getting arrested to join his soulmate Daisy, deported to Australia. He ends up in a prison camp with two one-of-a-kind “mates”. Here’s a trailer:

The cast of this web series is also pretty shiny with well known actors like Richard Davies, Dave Lawson (from Utopia) or Angus Sampson (from Fargo). This really cool show has been created by Tony Rogers (also director) and Mat Blackwell. You can watch all episodes here or on the website.

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