Chadam: the kind of weird we love

Yes, the web is also this place where you can see unique creations, strange and beautiful, weird and addictive like this one. It’s called Chadam and it’s an animated web series created by Alex Pardee. It’s not a new one as it was launched in 2010 and on the web you could already call it a “classic”. This is entirely made in 3D with really original graphic design (inspired by the creator’s previous designs) and high production values (it was originally produced for The WB online channel). The story is a sort of dark fairytale. Chadam has the power to change the world around him with his imagination and is the only one who can defeat the Viceroy, a super villain serial killer who haunts Vulture City. On top of all the visual qualities of this unique cartoon, characters are voiced by really good and famous comedians like Katey Sagal, John Lanz, Wilmer Valderrama or Eric McIntire. It is really a web series you should know and all the episodes are here, so…

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