Computerman: Jack Black in underwear (again)

I think this title says it all as this is surely is only thing to enjoy in this relatively unknown piece of web series history: Computerman (also sometimes entitled “Computerman Factor 2000”). However after watching only one minute of the first episode some of you may call it “a piece of garbage” and I could hardly contradict. It was produced in 2003 and probably in less than an afternoon judging by the picture and sound quality. But there’s Jack Black and Dan Harmon in it! There are also some cool dialogues, a fresh feeling of watching two good friends role-playing together, Jack’s underwear, some cool effects from the 80s, no really original idea whatsoever and – ok I admit it – one or two good surprises. In 2003, there was yet no video sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo and this rough comedy was then hosted on Channel 101, a Los Angeles portal promoting short films and web series (which were still uncommon at the time). This is where you still can watch it (and don’t worry they did only six short episodes). This comedy will sure stay as a curiosity in the web series museum and as the obvious answer to the question: “can I make a web series with nothing except a joke and Jack Black?”.

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