Crack-Duck: a nightmare came toon

Internet is the place where “Grown-ups” cartoons (I don’t like to call them “adult”) found a shelter from censorship, bigotry and possible lawsuits. Since the pioneers at (1998), dozens (probably more than a hundred) of these trashy, violent, incorrect, irreverent, chocking toons have been released on the web. In Crack-Duck there’s a little bit of everything. Created and designed by Danny Lacy, this cartoon with a cool weird look follows Crack-Duck, depressed, tortured and anxious apartment manager of Grungetown Towers where he has to deal with the daily crazy problems of weird monstrous tenants. It’s like Crack-Duck lives in a constant nightmare filled with shameful embarrassment and painful awkwardness. Even if it has been produced on low budget, the animation perfectly fits the style and the art direction is really cool. I have no trailer to show you but trust me, click here and enjoy all episodes.

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