Cumbia Nena: Acoustic dreams come true

Argentina is the new Eldorado of web series and the UN3 YouTube channel is its first flagship, showing the best of the country’s production. Cumbia Nena is one of these Argentinean web jewels shown on the channel and a very musical one. The story of this show is in fact the story of its creators Milagros D’Augero and Julia Morgado. These two girls met at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes where they started singing together new versions of traditional Cumbia songs. Their duet named Cumbia Nena soon became pretty famous on Internet when they started posting videos and they were even hired for a TV spot before recording a first CD. The web series tells this story as well as the two singers daily life but it is also scripted and mixes fiction with reality. Here’s a trailer:

You can watch all the episodes here.


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