DonJon Legacy: Fresh, Frenchie, Funny!

One of the most famous TV shortcom in France is Kaamelott, a comedy following a often depressed King Arthur desperately trying to put some sense and order in the misfit gang of idiots he has to lead in the Holy Grail quest. Following this success, there has been already several web series produced in France “in the spirit” of Kaamelott, but very few of them were able to copy the “Frenchie” humour of the TV show while differentiate themselves enough from the model. DonJon Legacy is so far – from my point of view – “the best next thing” to Kaameloot I have seen on the web. It uses the same type of crude lines and crazy characters, but in a Geekie/gaming/fantasy universe and with an “absurd friendly” writing. The poor Jon inherits a Donjon he never wanted and now he has to serve as its keeper. Watch the trailer below:

And why is this review in English? Because this web series is also the most international French web series with subtitles available in four languages (English, German, Spanish and Italian) which is an other aspect to praise along with the cool sets, costumes, FX and creatures filling the episodes. The show is written by Guilhem and directed by Olivier Ziel. All episodes are here.

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