East WillyB: Fight the Hipsters!

The New York Times called it the «  Latino Show for the New Generation ». I would call it a universal comedy for all human being facing the dramatic but usual gentrification of our best districts. In East WillyB this is what it is about: how we should resist gentrification to preserve our neighbourhoods’ identities. Created by Julia Ahumada Grob and Yamin Segal, this comedy follows Willie Jr in a rough pass of his life. He must save his sports bar from the competition of the new hipster trend in Bushwick (New York) and at the same time win back the girl he loves and who just dumped him. In interviews, the creators make no secret of their intention to make a real Latino web series that talks Latino and about Latinos. Here’s a very cool intro that also show you how well this web series is done

The first season was made with no budget but the second one was financed via a crowdfunding campaign. In the cast you may recognize Tuffy Questell (he was in How to Make it in America). All episodes are here.

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