Everything you need to know about the 2017 Web Series World Cup.

The Web Series World Cup was created in 2015. The idea was simply to collect the results from the best webfests around the world and publish a table of the most awarded web series of the year in order to give to the audience a live and up to date listing of the best programs of the moment. This first edition included seven webfests and ranked a total of 310 web series from 19 countries. In the end two web series finished first, High Road from New Zealand and Gabriel from France. All listed programs received an official sticker stating their ranking. The first WSWC already got attention from the media. All specialized blogs published detailed articles about the competition and the WSWC was also quoted by several media outlets including television. But the real success of this first Web Series World Cup was the fantastic response from web creators and webfests’ teams. Thanks to them, this simple idea became a great success.

And in 2016, it became a landmark.

Now with a circuit of 15 Webfests and new rules to ensure web series more opportunities to shine, the second edition ranked 650 programs from 32 countries. In April, the WSWC became part of Cannes MIPTV with a special showcase of its Top 10 and along the year was quoted in more than 300 reviews and articles around the world. In December, after nine months of fierce competition and suspense, the trophy sponsored by Netfall was presented in Rio de Janeiro to the champion web series Arthur from Switzerland. The entire statistics from this second edition will be published in April for the 2017 MIPTV.

2017 will be the third edition and it’s growing! 19 webfest will be part of this year circuit: Vancouver Webfest, Baja Webfest, DC Webfest, T.O. Webfest, BAWebfest, Die Seriale, Melbourne Webfest, Valencia Cinema Jove, Austin Webfest, Sicily Webfest, KWebfest, Wendie Webfest, Webfest Berlin, Miami Webfest, Marseille Webfest, Bilbao Webfest, UK Webfest, NZ Webfest and Rio Webfest.

Below you will find the complete list and all information’s to submit. This image is in high resolution to be downloaded.

The rules have also slightly improved this year to ensure a more fair count of the programs performances. Like last year, every selection will be worth 5 points, every nomination in a special category will be worth 3 points and every award will be worth 10 points. But we add three exceptions to these rules. As Marseille Webfest, Valencia Cinema Jove and Webfest Berlin have restricted selections (less than 35 programs) and do not have category nominations, selections in these festivals will be worth 8 points and every award there will get 15 points.

There are many great benefits in having your web series ranked by the Web Series World Cup. A lot of medias around the world refer to this list but also distributors and broadcasters. Not only it gives more visibility to your program but it opens to more opportunities for you. All the participating webfests are dedicated to the creators community and even if most of them cannot afford to be free of charges at the moment, money should not be a problem and if you cannot pay your submission before the deadline, you should contact them anyway. If your web series is worth presenting, they will gladly have your program for free or at least delay your submission fee payment.

So do not hesitate for a second! Apply to these webfests, enter the WSWC and make History!


  1. The Austin WebFest will kickoff July 1st with Tommy G Warren as the “Opening Speaker” for the start of the 4th annual Texas WebFest Festival… Known in the Entertainment world with the ‘Spiderwood Brand’… An Award winning Producer/Writer/Director and owner / Studio Exec. of Spiderwood Studios and of course SpiderwoodTV. Also, Spiderwood Productions and Spiderwood Magic!

  2. I’ve heard about and thought it was like a joke. But it’s real! Congrats! That is indee great initiative. Going thru the entire list now. Will take me days 🙂 🙂

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