HActresses: Cast them if you dare!

If you are into web series and particularly into comedy, you necessarily keep an eye on what is happening in Australia a country that gave the world some of the funniest and most original comedies of these two past years (The Katering Show, Bruce, Wizards of Aus…). And here’s an other one: HActresses, a six part comedy following two wannabe actresses willing to do anything to succeed but who so far achieved nothing else than a collection of bad experiences and cruel failures. Still, they seem to have everything it needs today : a bad vlog, a crazy agent, a comprehensive landlord/roommate, some sort of boyfriend and contacts in the “industry”. Right format, good editing, good comedy writing, funny characters… I mean: it’s good stuff! Here’s a trailer:

Belinda Kirwan and Nina Nicols are the main cast and creators of the show directed by Ben Plazzer. Already four episodes are online here and two more will complete the first season in the next weeks.

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