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After being hosted for almost three years on Liberation.fr,the first blog dedicated to web series and webdocs goes Indie! From now on this is where you will find everything about web series: reviews, interviews, news and guides.

The blog will now be in two languages: English and French and will soon include videos. Reviews of French speaking shows without subtitles will be in French and publications about general topics or non French programs will be in English. Special events will be covered with videos.

Web Series Mag Facebook page not only shares the blog publications but also news and update from the community as well as episodes and links to shows.

Web Series Mag Twitter account is your “24/7” live feed. Everything we watch, everything we read… We tweet it!

Your show is online ? You have a question ? A suggestion ? Please write to us! We want to watch everything, we need to know everything. But please note that contacting us via Facebook, Twitter or email is the only way to have your web series reviewed and promoted. Spam comments will be immediately removed. We are not robots!


  1. Hello

    We would be delighted if you would help us spread the word on our new webseries, Tokens, narrated by Harry Lennix and premiering on, Wednesday, May 31st on youtube. Technology has allowed us the ability to tell stories that we might never see on television. This gives us the power to bring awarness to different types of black struggles. “Tokens” is a different type of black struggle and any light you could shine on our hard work could make all the difference.

    Tokens is a show about, Troy an anime loving chess player from San Francisco, and Stefan, a comic book nerd from Long Island. After years of being the one ‘black friend’ in their social circles, they decide to step outside their comfort zones to get in touch with their roots, in finding a black community. The two friends embark on an epic journey to a place known as ‘Mecca’, an exclusive, black Halloween party hidden somewhere in the city of Los Angeles, slowly learning to become more comfortable with their own identity along the way.

    Thanks for taking the time and hope to hear from you soon.

    (Press Packet attached)


    -Troy Dangerfield

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