Inhuman Condition: Monsters among us

Here’s a very nice take on the supernatural genre, quite unique and perfectly accomplished. Inhuman Condition installs a truly creepy atmosphere without resorting to any visual effect or actual supernatural scene. Each episode of this Canadian fantasy web series is a five minutes piece of a therapy session where “very special” patients are treated by Dr Michelle Kessler. She interviews a zombie girl, a teenage werewolf, a depressive psychic… all monsters living among us and facing mental troubles. It’s well written and as the different stories interwine from an episode to an other, we start to perceive the outside world, where human fear the “supernatural’s” and try to control them. Some episodes are pretty intense. Unfortunately, only nine episodes so far have been released over 33 that were originally planed. Here’s a trailer.

This web series was written by RJ Lackie and directed by Jared Pelletier. Dr Michelle Kessler is played by Torri Higginson (Stargate Atlantis) and she leads a cast of excellent actors. You can watch all episodes here.

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