Life Sucks!… And this is why you will love it!

Is God a woman? Why are people racist? How do people get rich? How to use sex toys? Can I say Nigga? Are these questions a little girl can ask? In the online cartoon Life Sucks! But at least I’ve got elbows, the answer to this last one is yes. It’s entirely made in 3D (with live backgrounds) though it’s not about animation really as the characters barely move (but they can dance for sure!). It’s about what dad answers to his daughter’s questions (there’s also a son and a bird). It’s irreverent, it’s crazy, it’s more than funny, it’s simply hilarious. Watch a teaser here :

This already multi awarded animated show is produced by the Estonian studio Chaos Monger, run by Nicola Piovesan who is also the director of the series and co-writer (with Matt Willis-Jones). Very good sound design and superb voices characterisation (Michael McConnohie, Lizzie Freeman and Hayley Nelson) are the final touch to a beautiful piece of animated comedy. The type of programs the world needs right now. Watch all twelve episodes here.

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