Orazio’s Clan: this show has teeth!

La stripe di Orazio (Orazio’s Clan) is the second web series coproduction for the Swiss Italian channel RSI after last year World Cup winner Arthur (is Lugano the next Hollywood?). And it is so far already a critical acclaim for this dark comedy (actually third most awarded web series this year) written and directed by Riccardo Bernasconi and Francesca Reverdito. It is indeed a very nice treatment for a modern vampires tale. Direction and production design give a unique baroque style and an offbeat tone to the story of three gypsy vampires who find an unconscious girl in the woods, bring her back to their caravan and then deal with the resulting consequences. Perfect cast, inspired dialogues, neat picture… What else? Here’s a trailer:

Orazio’s Clan is a perfect example of this “different vibe” that short format can offer. All episodes can be found via the series website.


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