Out of the Shadows: a tiger in the woods

I don’t know, it might be some kind of Koala Karma because these days I always end up watching an Australian web series and liking it enough to write a review right away. This one is called Out of the Shadows and it’s a comedy (or more a Dramedy). It follows two siblings who can barely be together forced to team up to investigate a possible sight of a Tasmanian tiger with the help of their lunatic father. Instead of a trailer, I propose you to listen to the creators telling you the story of this project:

It is simple and well done with good production values and lots of outdoor scenes. The script (Ashley White) is pleasant with fun twists and a nice classic family reunion tale in the background, characters are funny enough and the directing (Lennard Smith) often “goes the extra mile” which makes you feel special. I liked it and I am pretty sure you will too. And of course you will know about this Tasmanian tiger, or whatever it is walking in these woods. All eight episodes are here.

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