Petrol: the «vroom» effect

I had never seen before a web series like Petrol. First, it is an action series and this genre is still very rare for limited budget web series and second: it’s really well done. In this Canadian production we follow five drivers taking orders from a mysterious “Employer” and this classic pitch is smartly developed with all the genre essentials into each episode. Watch the trailer bellow:

As I already wrote: It is pretty well done and all production values are there. The high-speed car chases are often impressive. Sets and locations are spectacular (in an episode they even built a very convincing border control point), the story is intriguing and surprising enough to titillate your brain and make you want to see more. This show is written by Reza Sholeh and Ant Horasanli who is also directing. It is part of the 2ß17 Marseille Webfest official selection. All episodes can be watched here.

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