Rich Keeble Vanity Project: one pathetic man show

This is a web series for comedy connoisseurs and maybe only for them. Entitled Rich Keeble Vanity Project, it’s a kind of rough mockumetary/reality following the comedian Rich Keeble (as himself) struggling to have his career take off. Which does not happen because people (you end me included) tend to laugh at him more than they laugh with him. It’s mostly improvised and it’s often cruel, raw, pathetic. You will love it if you get it and if you don’t you will hate it. Vanity Project follows the tradition of British comedy always on the borderline between awfully funny and delightfully incorrect. There are already two seasons (the first has been made with no budget and you can see it). Watch below the trailer for season 2:

This a creation of Rich Keeble, Sam LeGassick and Ed Wright. Here you will find the playlist for season one and here for season two. And there are more infos on the website.


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