Running With Violet: on the road to troubles

Her name is Violet, she is two years old and this web series is about a weekend that she will maybe not remember but that could surely change her life. When Violet’s mom Jolene goes on a girls weekend with her friend Miranda, their escapade turns into an eventful road trip that almost makes Thelma and Louise look like tourists. Hoping to drive away from their domestic problems for a couple of days, they run toward a series of surprises. On the road the two women and the toddler will meet a variety of crazy and strange characters who will change their trip into an epic and sometime risky adventure full of twists and turnarounds. Here’s a trailer:

It’s a really entertaining show with a perfect rhythm, a clever script and very good acting. Marie-Claire Marcotte and Rebecca Davey created it. There are a total of ten episodes and seven are already online at this moment.

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