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Web series at the museum

Ah the web! Oh the web! Is there anything that is not there? It’s like a parallel universe where everything exists. Let’s say for instance that you’d love to see Jack Black in panties acting in an artsy webséries produced by the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art… Yes, it is there! And it’s only […]

Smosh Babies: wild toddlers

Smosh is a multichannel sketch comedy program launched in 2003 by an Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. It became one of the most popular channel on YouTube shortly after the launch of the platform and with the success growing it became a real franchise expanding in various other channels. In 2012 the duo launched […]

Bike-B-Q: roasted comedy

“Stupid is what stupid grills”. If you like absurdity, there’s a new mockumentary online just for you. It’s entitled Bike-B-Q and currently being broadcast on Comedy Blender, the YouTube Channel from the “nonsensical folks” of Affolter Entertainment, with a new episode every Friday. Follow Lester in his attempt to manage a new business concept: a […]

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