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East WillyB: Fight the Hipsters!

The New York Times called it the «  Latino Show for the New Generation ». I would call it a universal comedy for all human being facing the dramatic but usual gentrification of our best districts. In East WillyB this is what it is about: how we should resist gentrification to preserve our neighbourhoods’ identities. Created […]

Crack-Duck: a nightmare came toon

Internet is the place where “Grown-ups” cartoons (I don’t like to call them “adult”) found a shelter from censorship, bigotry and possible lawsuits. Since the pioneers at Icebox.com (1998), dozens (probably more than a hundred) of these trashy, violent, incorrect, irreverent, chocking toons have been released on the web. In Crack-Duck there’s a little bit […]

Web series at the museum

Ah the web! Oh the web! Is there anything that is not there? It’s like a parallel universe where everything exists. Let’s say for instance that you’d love to see Jack Black in panties acting in an artsy webséries produced by the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art… Yes, it is there! And it’s only […]

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