The Bunny Hole: Sex and around in 30 minutes

Let’s all go to the brothel and have fun! This is my plan for you today. In The Buny Hole you will meet Josie, manager of a third class brothel and her girls and boy all dedicated to the satisfaction of the clients. It’s directed in mockumentary style, the episodes are very short (less than 3 minutes each) and semi improvised. Simple and always funny. It is also a real “community project” as you will (maybe) recognize in the cast people like Ryan Duncan (from the web series He’s With Me), Julia Mattison (I will soon present to you her web series Brooklyn Sound), Brandon Williams (creator of the web series Stay Home Dad). All of them and the rest of the cast are coming from the musical broadway scene, gathered by the creator of the show, Ken Davenport who is himself a famous Broadway producer. Ken claims he wanted to make a comedy like Reno 911 and he sure succeeded. I could not find any trailer or teaser, but click here and watch all episodes, it will take you only 30mn and will put you in a good mood.


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