The Reward: from great student film to amazing web series

When I first reviewed The Reward, it was only a remarked Danish student animation film. The creators, three Danish students (Mikkel Mainz, Bo Juhl and Kenneth Ladekjer), decided to found a studio (SunCreature Studio). There was a 22mn “episode one” released in 2015 (entitled “The First Hero”). Meanwhile, the students founded a studio (SunCreature Studio). Encouraged by the response of the audience and critical acclaim, they launched a crowdfunding campaign for a complete season. Almost 3 000 supporters contributed and gave them twice the budget they were asking for. So since March, we can finally enjoy a six-episodes adventure entitled “Tales of Alethrion”. And it is nothing less than one of the coolest animated web series ever. It’s a fantasy tale of a treasure hunt across the Land of Alethrion that turns into a magic saga. It’s animated in a super cool style and without dialogues. It’s epic, beautiful and truly : amazing!. Here’s a trailer.

Here you will find all the episodes starting with the original short “The Reward” and the following “The First Hero”.

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