Walking in Circles: Barbarian in distress

Walking In Circles can be considered as a classic. Not because it was produced in 2011, but because of its synopsis based on a very popular concept on the web: the misfits. Here we follow a (almost) mighty barbarian on the path to avenge his father’s death with his gang of grade B adventurers. But this is not just an other spoof as Walking In Circles has a pretty unique treatment for its genre: the mockumentary. Here’s the trailer for season one.

This first season is made with almost nothing but the writing is clever. And funny. And spiritual. James Rodehaver is the writer and his friend Adam Rady directs. They found good actors who understand the style and the tone and edited everything on a brisk pace. Good job! And good response too, so they did what everybody was doing back in 2013 : a crowdfunding. It worked and we got a second season in 2014, wich is more of the same, only better and with cool famous guest stars (Jolene Kay, Chad Nikolaus, Franc Ross…). Here is a presentation of this second season by the creators themselves.

Et voilà! Your Saturday is done. And on the YouTube channel, you will also find plenty of behind the scenes videos to add to your fun.


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