Where can you promote your web series?

Following my workshop at Webfest Berlin, I wanted to share with the entire community a list of websites which, like Web Series Mag, frequently review web series.

There are not a lot that are solely dedicated to web series and except for the first ones, most of the website listed here only review a handful of web series every year. Some are inactive at the moment but are listed because they might still get contacts. And I did not list here all the dead ones, all those enthusiastic blogs and websites born around 2007 that came to soon (or went too far). So this is not a complete or ultimate list and you may know or find other “web series friendly” websites. If so, please notify us so we can add them to this list for the benefit of all the community.


Devoted to finding and promoting quality streaming content through reviews, interviews, and web fest coverage, WebVee Guide is one of the oldest website dedicated to web series. They are based in US and UK. There’s a contact form on the website.

World Wide Webseries is an Italian blog but also frequently publishing in English. They publish detailed reviews of web series and like WebVee, they attend many webfests around the world.

Emerging Series is an other Italian blog but this one is mainly in Italian. They also have a magazine and are very active in the academic field in Italy.

Stareable is more than a website or a blog, it’s all of this plus a portal. They are very active, review lots of web series, give a lot of news and they have a weekly pick. Absolutely on the top of your list

Webseriados.tv is a Brazilian website and online platform with web series for free and On Demand. Created and managed by a pioneer web series director in Brazil, the website was an active part of this year Minas Webfest. If you are Brazilian, you need to contact them at some point.

Web TV Digest is not a website but a Facebook page and a twitter account. They like and share a lot every day from different sources and also produce a podcas. It’s in English.

Fanbolt is a website “by the fans for the fans”. Whatever it means, they also review web series from time to time. It’s in English and – of course – very fandom oriented.

New Media Rockstars is about Internet: gaming, tech, youtubers and also sometimes about web series (but you should know that their last web series review was in 2015).

If your show is Sci-Fi, you can try SciFi Pulse, a website dedicated to this genre. They already reviewed some web series there, not a lot but they are very active.

Tubefilter is a Classic. It’s daily, it’s covering everything and has a large audience and it’s running for years now. You should always try to get reviewed there but it seems that the website is reviewing less and less independent shows to focus on industry news.

An other “Classic” is Snobby Robot, the online “transmedia magazine”. Focusing more on web series and independent productions, this website is a mine. Reviews, guides, advices, reports… It should be already in your bookmarks.

Web Series Today is the last “survivor” of a wave of websites and blogs launched around 2012. Manxy of them are dead or totally inactive now. They seem to post no review anymore but they share a lot of videos every day,

The website Split Sider is dedicated to comedies. It has reviewed web series in the past and is worth a shot.

TV Line is focused on TV but also announces and reviews web series from time to time.

The website Gizmodo is about pop culture. They have a web series section where they review shows. Not very often though.

Movie-Blogger.com has an “Indie” section with web series category. And they quite frequently publish reviews.

Indie Wire is a pretty big and well known website about film and TV. They also have a digital section where they review web series and talk about the digital market.

Nerd HQ is about “everything nerd”. In the category “culture” they have a web series section where they review “things from YouTube”. But also scripted web series.

Talk Nerdy With Us is one more for the Pop Culture. They do not have a specific web series section but they review some from time to time (actually like 4/5 times a year)

As for Den of Geek, the name says it all. It is an online website and printed magazine about everything Geeks are supposed to like. They sometimes review web series or publish a selection.

On Sci-Fi Mafia website, they used to have a “web series Wednesday”, but it seems the last review was in 2014. As the website is still active, it goes into the “worth a shot” category.

Paper Droids is dedicated to “Geek culture for Women”. The website has a web series section but last post was published in 2016.

After Ellen is a famous blog focusing on “the portrayal of lesbian and bisexual women”. The Back Lot is its companion website for gay and bisexual men. Both review web series with LGBT theme.

An other way to have your web series reviewed (and also possibly watched?) is to put it on Rotten Tomatoes. It is possible that nobody sees it there but you never know and it might be fun.

Blog Critics is a long shot but even if they did not yet published a lot about web series, they have a tag for it and it’s typically the kind of website that will surely cover digital series in the near future.

Vulture is about TV, movies and music. They reviewed 3 web series so far apparently. Worth a shot?

You can also try The Fader as they have a Culture/Internet section and already published a selection of web series.

Also sometimes reviewing web series and even having a tag for it is The Daily Dot. This website focuses on Internet news.

If you subscribe to TV Tropes you can write your own review there. Not sure of the efficiency, but it’s one more reference to your show on the web.

An other good website reviewing web series is Televisual where you can also find useful infos. But it seems the last review is from 2014 and last post from January 2017.

British Web Series is, like it says, dedicated to web series and creators from United Kingdom. Or was. They are still online but don’t seem to have publish any post since 2014 while their Facebook page is almost inactive since then. You can still try it.

Please help us update this list. And good luck!

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