World of Wolfram: Germany can do Comedy!

There’s a interesting particularity on the German web scene. This is one of the very rare countries after the USA where some creators are investing in the sitcom format and surely the first in numbers of attempts to bring this genre to the short format. I am deliberately writing “attempts” because as a matter of fact we already saw a lot of failed experiments. Comedy is already a very tough genre to master but sitcom is even more fragile and sophisticated. In World of Wolfram, all the lights are green. For a sitcom, the simplest idea is always the best and the one that serves as the basis for World of Wolfram is even simplistic : an unfortunate gamer ends up sharing his flat with an Orc warrior and a Elves princess. The casting is just right, with only three main characters interacting like the pieces of a well-oiled machine fuelled by a very efficient script. The pace is the right one, dialogues are funny, it’s geek, it’s nerd and situations have some nerve (the princess smokes, the Orc has a big anatomy…). Directing and editing are not the most inventive (Though episode 7 is really spectacular), but who really cares when you have the essential: constant entertainment. Here’s a short teaser.

Robert Loehr wrote the scripts and Lutz Heineking directed the episodes. Paul Pötsch, Daniel Zillmann and Maike Jüttendonk are the – excellent – main actors. All épisodes (with English subtitles) are here.


  1. @Icaro : totally agree. It’s not only well done,it’s trully hilarious and with tons of funnw clever references: A good job indeed!

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