Zyara season 2: Touch the humanity

Zyara is not a fiction and yet every episode is a great story. This documentary from Lebanon is a series of portraits delicately painted by director Muriel Aboulrouss camera. The words draw snippets of the “big” History and reveal bruised lives and deep wounds as well as beautiful souls and wise parables. Watching an episode of Zyara is not only listening, but also feeling. Muriel catches details, captures lights and shadows, caresses the atmosphere of the moment. Zyara means “an encounter” and the series pitch is “Life is a beautiful Zyara”. Since 2015, the series has been selected and awarded almost everywhere. Below is a teaser for the second season actually online.

This is something to follow and to support, so if you like: share, because it is important that this program exists. All episodes and more can be found here.

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